About Us

Spraygrass Landscapes is in the business of healing and restoring areas damaged by storm, tempest and man’s development.  Our revegetation techniques are specifically designed to restore these scarred areas to a natural state, quickly and efficiently.

Almost all areas can be treated and our operations can be adapted to meet a variety of needs.

The Spraygrass techniques are suitable for the re-establishment of vegetation, both during and after development. Prior to initiating a revegetation or landscaping project Spraygrass will thoroughly examine the landscape and advise on the appropriate treatment.

Spraygrass techniques are appropriate for:

  • Road-side batters
  • Dam sites
  • Bridge approaches and abutments
  • Factory and shopping complex sites
  • Powerline construction
  • Mining sites
  • Land subdivisions

Spraygrass Landscapes Australia Pty Ltd consists of the following Divisions:

  • Spraygrass Revegetation and Erosion Control
  • Platinum Outdoor
  • Spraygrass Golf Course, Parks and Lawn Services
  • Enviro Sales and Services
  • Plant Nursery

Spraygrass has been operational for over 45 years, demonstrating quality workmanship and commitment to our customers.

Spraygrass is headed by Managing Director, Mr. Doug Wimble and General Manager Luke Wimble. Each division is motivated by highly qualified Managers who are supported by experienced supervisors, plant operators, landscapers, horticulturists and landscape designers within the Group.

Spraygrass is dedicated to providing excellence in workmanship using the highest quality products available to create complete customer satisfaction. This is achieved through teamwork, which ensures all staff are part of the Company and motivated in the same direction of continuous improvement to achieve success in all they do, from the Managing Director to field staff.

Spraygrass Services Pty Ltd Commenced business in November 1969 and at that time was jointly owned by Hardboards Australia Pty Ltd (HAL) and G.B.White Pty Ltd. In 1978 White Industries bought out HAL and in 1986 the Wimble family acquired the business of Spraygrass Landscapes Australia Pty Ltd which is the name that is presently traded under.