Environmental Consultancy

Spraygrass’ environmental consultancy is lead by Doug Wimble, a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) with 40 years experience in the revegetation and landscaping industries. Doug has has 35 years involvement with the International Erosion Control Association(IECA) which for the past 12 years has been on the International Board and 3 years as President.

Does your project require the services of a qualified and experienced consultant in the field of erosion and sediment control?

Is it a requirement of your Environmental Policy to have a qualified Professional responsible for the revegetation and erosion control on your construction site?

Do you require plans and specifications to meet your contractual responsibilities?

Do you need assistance in choosing the right revegetation technique and process material to carry out your work?

Services include

  • Assistance in selecting the most suitable revegetation technique for both the site and climatic conditions.
  • Recommendation for seed, fertilizer and mulch requirements.
  • Soil analysis reports to ascertain site soil deficiencies and fertaliser requirements.
  • Recommendations on short and long term maintenance of the project.
  • Recommendations and assistance in setting up and implementing a revegetation and hydroseeding operation.

All of these consultancy services are available both locally throughout Australia and Internationally.

Why Spraygrass?

Spraygrass applications and techniques are appropriate for:
• Road-side batters
• Dam sites
• Bridge approaches and abutments
• Factory and shopping complex sites
• Powerline construction
• Mining sites
• Golf Courses
• Land subdivisions
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