Enviroguard is a specially formulated compound that is mixed with water and seed to form a slurry that is pumped through a Hydromulcher onto the area to be revegetated.

The mixture forms a Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM) that conforms perfectly to even irregular ground surfaces, providing a 100% coverage that that protects against heavy rain, wind and bird attack.

Once dry (24 hours) the Enviroguard BFM provides a very beneficial micro climate for germinating seeds, with excellent water retention properties as well as low rainfall runoff characteristics.

Because the Enviroguard slurry can be pumped at high pressure, it can be sprayed onto the most inaccessible and irregular sites, covering vast areas quickly and cost effectively in one application.
Enviroguard is non toxic and can be sprayed directly over existing vegetation, being used for example, to restore bushfire damaged areas, where Enviroguard is sprayed directly over the affected area, often without any prior site preparation.

Less labour intensive than conventional erosion control matting products, Enviroguard is rapidly becoming recognised for its lower costs and superior results across a wide range of applications.
The mixture can be modified to suit particular applications, Landscape Situations where it can be used as a weed control mat, and native grasses or ground cover can be planted into it.


Why Spraygrass?

Spraygrass applications and techniques are appropriate for:
• Road-side batters
• Dam sites
• Bridge approaches and abutments
• Factory and shopping complex sites
• Powerline construction
• Mining sites
• Golf Courses
• Land subdivisions
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