Conventional Seeding

Spraygrass® offers 50 years of experience in conventional seeding. We use a variety of equipment, each one specifically designed for a particular application. Sometimes you’ll need a four-in-one seeder, at other projects, spinner broadcast application might be best. Whatever the project, our combination of experience and equipment ensures you get precision application and maximum yield using the method that suits your job – and budget.

Site Preparation
We recommended that whenever possible, areas to be seeded should be topsoiled. Ideally, topsoil should be tested from an authorised laboratory to ensure it has the correct ingredients to facilitate the growth of Grass and Native Seeds. Prior to topsoiling, the soil should be tilled (up to 200mm deep) to further facilitate the highest possible yield. If topsoiling is impracticable, the area should be tilled using a suitable machinery designed for this purpose.
Further yield gains can be achieved by clearing the area of weed growth, large stones or other debris. 

After Care Maintenance
In most cases natural rainfall will provide adequate seed generation however where possible, adequate water should be applied to ensure a continuous and healthy growth of grass. A general guide, 25mm of water should be applied to all seeded areas weekly. It is important that the mulch be kept moist until germination occurs. After that, sufficient watering must be kept up until a healthy sward of grass is achieved.

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