Enviro Sales

At Spraygrass® we recognise it’s not always practical to engage our team to provide complete solution for your project. Our Enviro Sales division has a variety of Revegetation, Erosion Control, Horticultural and Agricultural products for sale including:

  • Wood Fibre Mulch – For use in Hydromulching.

  • Straw and Sugar Cane mulches – For use in Hydromulching.

  • Hydraulically applied blankets that have been imported for use through a Hydromulcher.

  • Powdered Gypsum for Flocculating your Construction site Dams – available in 25 kg bags on 1.2 tonne pallets.

  • Fertilizer – Various types ranging from Organic to Granular

  • Dust Suppression Products – Liquid Polymers available in 1000 litre IBC containers in Clear or Green Colour.as well other products available on the Market.

  • Seeds – Various types ranging from Cover Crop species to Pasture as well as Native Grasses, Shrubs and Trees.

  • Powdered Tackifier – Tackifier used in Hydromulching or for the Suppression of Dust

  • Jute Mesh – Open weave Organic Fibre Mat which is usually applied with a bitumen emulsion overlay for both grass establishment and erosion protection.

  • Pins – For use in pegging down Organic Fibre Mats.

  • Green Dye for Hydromulching available in 0.150gm water soluble bags for easy mixing.

​These are just a few of the products we have available. Call 02 9627 4352 to discuss the full range of products available and to arrange delivery Australia wide or Internationally.