Organic Fibre Matting

This product is often referred to as a “blanket” that is usually made from Jute, Coconut Fibre or Coir. It is also available in several thicknesses depending on its intended use. Thinner varieties are used for establishing grasses, whereas thicker Organic Fibre Matting are generally used as weed mats.

Organic Fibre Matting is so versatile can also be used to landscape embankments by using the matting to cover the surface planting directly into the mat.

​Where grassing is the intended use for the matting, seed can be sown either under or into the mat when placed. Thinner matting allows the grasses to grow through while at the same time providing protection to the soil against storm and tempest until the grasses are established.

​Because Organic Fibre Matting is totally organic, it will decompose once the grass has established, returning valuable organic properties to the soil.

Synthetic Matting
There are a number of inorganic mats and netting available that are made totally from synthetic materials. Often referred to as three-dimensional mats or polypropylene netting, they are usually UV Stabilized and are specifically for the more extreme situations where maximum protection and strength is required to hold soil together while grass establishes.

In some cases Polyproylene Fibre Mats are placed so that they are covered with topsoil and then seeded over.

​​In almost all cases these products are more expensive than the Jute and Organic Fibre Mats due to their extreme requirements. Further information on the need for Synthetic Matting is available by contacting Spraygrass®.

Jute Mesh

​Heavy woven jute mesh holds seed and soil intact on slopes, drainage ways and other areas of concentrated water flow. It also aids in preventing erosion on steep gradients during rainstorms.

​Jute mesh is a material that stays in place and generally cannot be lifted by flowing water, wind or vegetation. Its mesh formation means, it provides an excellent solution for seeding because vegetation has plenty of growing room.

​As jute is a natural vegetable fibre, “built in” organic materials decompose over time and enrich the soils at the rate of 5 tonnes per hectare. Jute Mesh delivers immediate protection from erosion in critical areas, an excellent base for seeding as well as a unique mulch.

​Jute mesh gives you the freedom to select a variety of grasses or ground covers that best suit local and climatic conditions. After jute mesh is installed, it can be seeded, pegged and oversprayed with bitumen emulsion to give the job a neat finished look.

Contact the Spraygrass® team to help determine which Fibre matting solution you need.