Spraygrass® is committed to healing the scars caused by erosion and sedimentation by restoring nature and binding the soil.

Erosion is the gradual removal of soil by wind and water and this can have a detrimental effect on your site. If soils become hydrophobic or saturated, surface runoff begins causing further degradation.

Scouring of the exposed soil by runoff can cause even more erosion, compounding the problem. As the runoff increases, it concentrates into rivulets and then into grass channels. As the speed of runoff increases, more soil particles are transported creating sedimentation.

Sedimentation occurs when the surface flow decreases and soil particles start to fall. Heavier particles, such as gravel and sand, settle first and then the lighter particles follow. Little by little, silt and clay are transported by rain and finally carried downstream from their point of origin.

​Erosion and sedimentation are natural processes that are accelerated by human activities.

Spraygrass® offer a range of products and applications designed to mitigate the effects of erosion and sedimentation and protect both your project and your business.

Heavy rainfall on unprotected soil often causes serious erosion resulting in sediment being deposited in waterways, threaten water supplies, clog drainage areas or cause unsightly deposits of silt on the landscape. Public criticism can be very strong when this occurs resulting in unexpected additional costs.

To make matters worse, removal of soil by water at construction sites that are not protected can result in rills, gullies, sheet erosion, damaged slopes, eroded ditches, plugged drainage structures and culverts, and flooded work areas. Stream channels can be filled with sediment to the point where the flow elevation is raised enough to flood areas adjacent to the stream.

Sediment always damages the areas where it is deposited but with Spraygrass® it can be significantly reduced, saving money and unwanted public scrutiny.

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