Our Services

Spraygrass offers a number of specialised services. See below for details.


Hydromulching is a one-step process where seed, fertiliser and mulch are combined together in water with a special, biodegradable binder.

Conventional Seeding

Spraygrass® offers 50 years of experience in conventional seeding. We use a variety of equipment, each one specifically designed for a particular application.


In this process, a mixture of water, seed and fertiliser and sometimes a dye are mixed in a purpose-built truck or trailer mounted tank.

Organic Fibre Matting

Organic Fibre Matting is so versatile can also be used to landscape embankments by using the matting to cover the surface planting directly into the mat.

Dust Suppression

Dust suppression is useful for haul roads in construction and mining sites to significantly reduce the need for water-cart hire.


Flocculating product cause small, sediment materials in water to stick to each other and form “flocs”. The extra weight created by merging…


Strawmulch produces excellent yield when sprayed onto a pre-seeded area because it provides seed with a layer of moisture to promote germination.

Hydraulically Applied Blankets

Spraygrass® Hydraulically Applied Blankets provide 100% coverage that protects against heavy rain, wind and bird attack.