Conventional Seeding

Spraygrass offers conventional seeding, using equipment such as the four in one seeder, disc and tyne seed drills, spinner broadcast and harrows. This equipment is tractor drawn and provides precision drilling of seeds at the ideal depth for germination. Spraygrass also utilises the Brillon Seeder, which does not leave the row by row effect of normal seed drills, and is exceptionally good for playing and recreation field construction.

The spinner broadcaster and harrow operations are also tractor drawn, and are suitable for broad hectare seeding, providing the cheapest method of grass establishment.

Adequate watering or follow up rains are required to give the best results.

Why Spraygrass?

Spraygrass applications and techniques are appropriate for:
• Road-side batters
• Dam sites
• Bridge approaches and abutments
• Factory and shopping complex sites
• Powerline construction
• Mining sites
• Golf Courses
• Land subdivisions
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