In 1969, Spraygrass began the commercial use of Hydromulching and we have been perfecting our formula ever since.

Hydromulching is a one-step process where seed, fertiliser and mulch are combined together in water with a special, biodegradable binder. The resulting slurry is sprayed onto the soil surface providing mulch interlocking mat that retains moisture for seed germination. Spraygrass® prefers high-quality Woodfibre as its main mulch material but also uses Straw and Sugarcane products which are available locally in Australia.

The mulch is coloured with a non-toxic green dye to give the impression of immediate coverage and to help identify areas requiring ongoing treatment. The dye then fades out of the fibre as new seed begins to grow, providing a seamless transition from seed to grass.

On difficult slopes, additional Binders are used to increase the effectiveness of the application. Hydromulching is best suited to higher rainfall areas such as coastal regions.

For best results, Spraygrass® recommends a Full Soil Chemistry test to determine if additional ameliorants are required to be added with the Hydroseeding mix or applied separately to the subsoil or topsoil.