Flocculation efficiently reduces the cloudiness of sediment-filled water found in dams and construction sites.

Flocculating products cause small, sediment materials in water to stick to each other and form “flocs”. The extra weight created by merging suspended particles into “flocs” causes them to settle and clears cloudy or muddy water.

Since most construction sites have large exposed areas of soil, after a Heavy Storm event or during long periods of rain, water runs off to sedimentation basins after it’s mixed with various dust particles from the site causing a muddy milkshake.

The sediment-laden water must be clear before it can be discharged back into the local environment. Spraygrass® Flocculating products generally take just 24 – 48 hours to activate, providing a fast, efficient, and environmentally sound method of releasing excess water from sediment basins or dams clouded by sediment run-off.

Spraygrass® uses a range of Flocculating products ranging from Powdered Gypsum mixed with water to Aluminium Chloride Products to ensure your project has the best solution available.