Leaders in Australian revegetation since 1969.

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Spraygrass was the first company in Australia to offer Hydromulching on a commercial basis, enabling steep and difficult slope areas to be economically revegetated.

Ever conscious of both natural and man-made degradation of the environment, Spraygrass® has kept abreast of new techniques in Erosion and Sediment Control to continually improve our products and services, ensuring our customers receive the best, most cost-effective solutions available. As a result, we have expanded our offerings to include Hydroseeding, Dust Suppression, Strawmulching, Conventional Seeding, Organic Fibre Matting, Flocculation, Hydraulically Applied Blankets and Landscaping.

Our revegetation techniques are specifically designed to restore these scarred areas to a natural state, quickly and efficiently.

Spraygrass® operations can be adapted to meet a variety of needs, meaning almost all areas can be treated regardless of the site’s terrain, grade or soil quality.

We are dedicated to providing excellence in workmanship using the highest quality products available both imported and locally produced to create complete customer satisfaction.

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Spraygrass® Services Pty Ltd commenced business in November 1969 and at that time was jointly owned by Hardboards Australia Pty Ltd (HAL) and G.B. White Pty Ltd. In 1978 White Industries bought out HAL and then in 1986 the Wimble Family acquired the business of Spraygrass® Landscapes Australia Pty Ltd, which is the name that it is presently trading under.

The late Doug Wimble was featured in Post Magazine in October 1989 showing the first of many "Grass Bugs". Since then, Spraygrass® has featured the "Grass Bug" in many trades shows.

Since Doug's passing, son Luke Wimble has been managing the family business and continues "Healing the scars of progress".

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