Spraygrass® offers two types of Strawmulching applications to cater to your project.

Straw mulching can be applied hydraulically as a premixed solution or blown on and a binder used to tack it in place. The Spraygrass® team will work with you to determine which method is best for your project.

The Hydraulically Applied process is similar to Hydromulching using wood fibre however finely chopped straw is used for moisture retention and the depth of the Straw mulch on drying is generally between 3 – 6mm.

The Conventional method of Strawmulching involves the blowing of a stream of chopped straw/hay through a mist of heavy-weight binder to depths of 15mm to 30mm onto an area to be revegetated.

Straw mulch produces excellent yield when sprayed onto a pre-seeded area because it provides the seed with a layer of moisture to promote germination. Even though seed and fertiliser are generally sown separately, Strawmulch can be added to the mix and distributed in a single application.

For best results, Spraygrass® recommends a Full Soil Chemistry test to determine if additional ameliorants are required to be added with the Hydroseeding mix or applied separately to the subsoil or topsoil.